'Tummy Trouble' Crystal Infused Wellness Roller

Let that Sh*t Go! with the 'Tummy Trouble' wellness blend infused with *magickal* Unakite crystals.  This soothing blend speaks to me personally as someone whose stress tends to manifest itself in my GI. It provides the calming support needed to help soothe away nerves, indigestion, gas & bloating with ginger, fennel, peppermint & thieves therapeutic essential oils.  This stellar blend even helps comfort menstrual cramps & endometriosis.  I mean, WHOA!   The powerful crystal *vibe* is called Let that Sh*t Go:   ♥ Unakite - promotes Nurturing, Balance & Trauma Release  It's the perfect little wellness reminder to be kind to ourselves, take it one day at a time and seriously... just let that sh*t go!   Directions for use: topically roll this blend on your belly & abdomen to bring on the relief!  Essential oils are safely diluted in organic fractionated coconut oil in 10mL glass roller bottle Commonsense note, Peeps: added gemstones are clearly not to be used for medicinal purposes and will NOT cure diseases or ailments. Any reference made about "healing properties" refers to the mind and spirit rather than the physical body.