Sleep 'Right Tight' Spa & Aromatherapy Gift Set

The 'Sleepy Right Tight' spa & aromatherapy gift set is the perfect treat for anyone seeking extra Zzzz's. This dreamy sleep combo will put your mind & body to rest with the soothing essence of vanilla, lavender & a touch of vetiver. Peace out, lil’ sheep! Directions for Use: liberally spray your bed linens, pillows & PJs with this luxurious mist & then topically apply the 'Sleepy Time' wellness roller blend to pulse points, heart chakra & the bottoms of your feet before bedtime. Get ready to sleep right-tight, ya'll. The pampering spa set includes: => (1) 2oz Sleepy Linen Spray => (1) 10mL Sleepy Time wellness roller (diluted with organic coconut oil)