Patina Half Moon Earrings, Rustic Earrings, Fire Patina Earrings, Mixed Metal Earrings

These hand made copper and brass earrings are rustic and have subtle hints of color. I use a multi-step process to make each pair. I solder wire to the copper shape, tumble, fire patina and seal them. Every single earring I create has a different fire patina look due to the nature of this process. I strive to bring out the best color for each pair and no two are ever exactly alike. Some have more rainbow- like colors and some have more earthy colors. The fire patina on these copper/brass earrings is subtle. They have been given a protective coat to help the patina color stay looking great. Each pair is unique and completely hand made, giving them an organic shape and feel. Colors will vary on every pair made. Length: 2 inches Circle Size: 1 inch šŸ’Ž CLEANING AND CARE FOR COPPER šŸ’Ž Please treat me well! Be sure to keep your jewelry away from perfume, lotion and water!