Winter Silence I

Winter Landscape Series: Winter Silence I, 11x15", mixed media on canson paper, mounted on foam board (unframed). My newest body of work reflects my continued contemplation of and fascination with the colors, shades, and shapes found in the regions most affected by the slow coming of climate change. My technique of scraping away surfaces of paint to reveal colorful layers underneath is comparable to the gradual disappearance of our polar snows and glaciers, exposing layers of colors and shades of blues, grays, whites and blacks. While the unmasking reveals beauty, if the future is a warmer state of being, these contrasts, hues, and shadows found in these icy landscapes might eventually become clear – Colorless. Would that we hung onto the quiet beauty of these places! Would that we were able to preserve them for our descendants! I’ve chosen to begin the paintings using water media such as gouache, acrylic, and water-colors etc. because it is the central ingredient to the shift in climate.