Waxed Canvas Tote

This fancy tote bag is made with waxed canvas. Already a thick and sturdy fabric, beeswax is applied to canvas fabrics to make it waterproof. It also makes the fabric stiffer and creates beautiful unique wrinkles when scrunched up. Waxed canvas will slightly soften over time and with more use. The bag will stand up on its own but is also very malleable. Sturdy enough to hold text books and other heavy items. The handles are leather and attached with brass rivets. The liner has been interfaced which will keep the wax from rubbing off on any items stored in the bag. Avoid ironing or putting the bag in the washer/dryer as this will melt the wax and leave a waxy residue behind. Ready to Ship. This bag is made with a rich cranberry purple and greyish sage green contrast bottom fabrics. The liner is made with a designer fabric with cute birds with flower crowns design.