Goose Neck Tea Kettle, Original Oil Painting

Goose Neck Tea Kettle ~ professional oils on a 12"x16" archival panel. This vintage tea kettle is paired with fresh mandarins from local trees and grapes from the market. The kettle has a flow blue handle, as does the porcelain cup. Texture was built up in the kettle with a palette knife, moving the paint around to create the old patina and the reflections. The rough shelf edge mimics the rough texture in the kettle. This larger painting will surely be a focal point in your kitchen when framed. It was created working in the alla prima style of wet into wet, layering the oil paints over the wet underpainting. It is varnished and ready for framing. NOTE: Artwork is shipped unframed due to personal preference of frame styles. ALSO NOTE: Shipping is free in the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Please inquire shipping costs to other locations.