A Valentine Studios Fused Glass Arts

Specializing in mainly fused glass art. I work with all forms of glass, from art glass to recycled glass, to create handmade decor, jewelry and functional art.
Since I can remember I have always been a creative type. Always sketching and drawing as a child. As a young adult and many paths later I found a love for photography. I went to college and was classically trained in art and photography. I was a photographer for over 15 years. Photography will always be my “first love” but somewhere along the way, I started craving a more hands-on craft. Working with glass came to me organically. I started cutting the tops off the bottles and making scented candles with them for gifts. After cutting the bottles I was looking at all this glass waste and thought about what I could make with it. That is where my journey in glass working began. I bought a cheap microwave kiln to see what I thought of fusing glass. After a few experiments, my excitement grew. Before I knew it my husband and I were building my first kiln for me to experiment with. I began reading and learning all I could about warm glass kiln forming. I started breaking, crushing, and cutting bottles then turning them into decorative or usable items. I love being eco-friendly while being able to create handcrafted items that have a new life. Recently, I have started working with all forms of glass ranging from recycled bottles, window glass, art glass, and more. I find that working with glass, in general, is eco-friendly because there is little to no waste. I save all my scraps and combine them for other projects. Materials Fused glass, also known as warm glass or kiln-formed glass, is made when two or more pieces of glass are heated in a kiln until they melt, or fuse, together into a single piece. The kiln must be fired at temperatures of about 1,100 to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, and while this may seem very hot, it is very low compared to blown glass temperatures, which can reach up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the oldest methods of working with glass. Some historians say it goes back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. However, the first definitive evidence of glass fusing can be traced back to the Romans, who used this technique before the discovery of glass blowing.

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