FAQ - Sellers

(Last updated July 13, 2021)

How do I sign up to sell on Made By Her?

  • Click the “Sign Up To Sell” link either on our our Home or Artists page and it will lead you to through our approval process
  • You will receive an email within 1-3 business days confirming whether or not you have been approved to sell with Made By Her
  • Once you’re approved, you’ll create a login, enter your banking information, then move on to set up your online booth and list products

How much does it cost to sell on Made By Her?

  • We charge a flat rate of 8% per sale. This 8% will include listing fees, credit card fees, transaction fees, and a small percentage to Made By Her. **You don’t pay anything unless you sell something!

What is the Affiliate Artist program?

  • With the Affiliate Artist option, you can still list items with us (so buyers can get a preview of your work; we recommend listing at least 5 items), except instead of buying through us and clicking the "Add to Cart" button, buyers would click a link that would take them to whichever URL you chose, either to a product page or your own website's homepage.
    Since we are still getting started as a company and building our customer base, we are offering this for only $5.99/mo*! PLUS, for signing up you will also get a complimentary Instagram feature* (*Limited time offers)!
    Made By Her wants to help female artists succeed no matter what. We simply want to create a platform for buyers and sellers to come together (just as they would at a live event) and we feel the Affiliate Artist program will allow more artists to join our Made By Her family.

    ***If you are currently a Seller with us and would like to switch to being an Affiliate Artist, just let us know and we will edit your account on our end so the next time you log in, you'll be directed through the payment setup page.

    How do sales/orders work?

    • Sellers - Buyers can browse through our website and select as many items as they would like to purchase. Upon ordering, Made By Her staff will review the order to make sure there are no major red flags for fraud* then, if all looks good, we will send you a fulfillment request and let you know that your booth has received a new order!

    *Our platform is Shopify-based and we simply review their fraud rating before sending out an order fulfillment request. If we see the buyer has an unusually high fraud rating, we will cancel the order. This process is both for the sellers’ and the Made By Her company’s protection.

    Once you receive an email notification that an order has been placed, you can review the order on your Seller Dashboard under Orders. Once you have shipped the item, you can mark the order as Fulfilled and the buyer will be sent a notification that their purchase is on their way to them. (*Please DO NOT mark the order as Fulfilled until the item has been shipped.)

    • Affiliate Artists - all buyers are directed to your own, personal website so we do not handle sales for these members.

    When do sellers get paid?

    • We do payouts weekly on Wednesdays (money usually takes 2 days to process so sellers should receive funds on Friday) for the prior week from Monday-Sunday. 

    What do I do if I only have a few products to sell or want to take a break from online selling for a while?

    • We do not have a minimum amount of products that we ask our sellers to have so list what you can*! (*Current limit is 50 items) Every artist is unique and, although you may just one piece to sell, it might just be the perfect thing someone is looking for.
    • If you do not have anything to sell or you want to take a short break, please either make a note of this in your "Brief Shop Description" on the Manage Shop page or "Unpublish" your page (and listings) until you are ready to sell again.
    • Do you have your own website and you don't want to manage both inventories? Join our Affiliate Artist program*! (*See above for more details)

    How does shipping work?

    • Right now, shipping is set at $0.00. Each seller will want to build shipping costs into their listing price.
    • International Shipping - if you want to offer international shipping, please make a note in the product description saying for the buyer to contact you directly for an international shipping quote. You can then create a special listing, just for that buyer, that will be for additional shipping costs. (*For now, you will need to get a quote from your current shipping carrier.)
    • We plan to offer customized, prepaid shipping labels in the future but they are not available at this time.

    Does Made By Her accept returns?

    • Short answer... Yes. However, this is ultimately determined by the artist/seller. Sellers should list in their product descriptions whether or not they allow returns. If it is not listed, customers can contact Made By Her (Contact page listed in bottom footer menu) and we will reach out to the seller directly.
    • You can read more about our returns policy in our Terms & Conditions agreement (also listed in the bottom footer menu of our site).

    Who collects sales tax?

    • Made By Her is based out of California and Idaho so those are the only two states we are collecting sales tax for at this time until our sales numbers grow in other states. (**If you need to be collecting sales tax for your business and you are outside of California or Idaho, it will need to be added to your listing price and deducted as your own cost when you do your accounting.)

    How do I post a product and what should I include in the description?

    • **Products cannot be added until bank information has been input for your account (this is to ensure we can pay you back should you get an order).
    • Click "Products" on the side menu once you've logged into your online booth and click "Add Product"
    • Product description - please include as much detail about the item as you can including size, any materials used, and how long it will take to ship.
    • Variables - you may add up to three variables for each product. Each variable will need a name, price, quantity available, and its own SKU (all are required fields). **Once a product has been saved, you cannot go back and add variables so please add them in their original listing.

    What is "Search Engine Listing Info"?

    • This section is so that buyers can find your work when they're searching both on our website and on their regular search engine.
    • Meta Description Title - main description of your piece in a few words
    • Meta Description - you can list as many descriptive words here as possible. List as many search terms as you can think of so that, if a buyer were looking for what you have to offer, your work would show up.
    • URL Slug - name of your product as it will show up in the web address. (For example, "ceramic-mug-blue". 

    My photos keep uploading sideways, what can I do?

    • Try either shrinking the size of the photo and uploading again. Or, re-save the photo (either by taking a screenshot of the photo on your phone or re-save the photo with a new name) and upload again. Also, please make sure photos are no larger than 500kb or 1000x. If none of these options work, please contact us through our Contact page.

    Does Made By Her accept submissions from outside of the United States?

    • For Direct Sellers - International sellers' applications to sell are on hold at the moment due to a new issue that arose right after we launched. Please feel free to still submit your work for approval and we will add you to an e-mail list to reach out to as soon as the issue has been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience at this time.
    • For Affiliate Artists - Yes!

    Why was I not approved to be a seller with Made By Her? What can I do to be approved later?

    • "Quality of photos taken" - we have a high photo standard that includes photos that have good lighting (no major shadows), no personal/home items in the background, no more than 2 or 3 background variations for one online booth. (**This is a main reason for the majority of artists who are not approved.)
    • "Work not considered 'handmade'" - at this time, our product offering does not include photography, digital art, or pre-made put-together items. For example, jewelry makers who submit pieces with a pre-made chain and pre-made purchased pendant would not be approved.
    • "Work does not fit within our current product offering aesthetic or is still in the beginning stages of becoming extraordinary" - Made By Her's brand has an aesthetic that allows for many different artworks to be displayed and celebrated; however, some do not fit within that aesthetic and we will not be approving sale of those items at this time. (Also, we do not typically allow any items that include excessive nudity or drug use)
    • If you can provide new photos of your work or start creating new products, we want to hear from you! Please resubmit your work to submission@madebyher.com and we will re-consider your application. We do truly mean it when we tell you that we understand that an artist's work is a reflection of their spirit and we, by no means want to discourage you from continuing with your creations as we honestly believe that everyone's talents are meaningful, uniquely beautiful, and made with purpose.

    Where do I go if I have further issues either with listing or purchasing a product or have an issue with a buyer or seller?

    • Please contact us if you have any issues! You can find our "Contact" form in our footer menu at the bottom of our Home page. Once submitted, someone from our customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible.