Tenth Muse Fragrance

Personal botanical fragrances formulated with you, for you. Tenth Muse custom blended fragrances are intended to be your muse; your inspiration, a personal artistic expression of your journey.
After becoming one of the first 100 registered aromatherapists in the US in 2001, Mary Jo has been honing her skills as an olfactory artist. She worked as an esthetician and make-up artist for feature film and print advertising for over 15 years. Now she is combining those talents with her passion for scent, plants, and nature. Her botanical fragrance company, Tenth Muse, is the culmination of her life’s experience with the olfactory, observations of how people and plants interact, and the desire to continually experience and create connections. Every place, every person, and every experience has its own scent. It is something you can feel, not just smell. It is there reminding us, inspiring us, nurturing us, and bringing us back to the present. Mary Jo thinks this should be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. Her 100% natural fragrances are made using only essential oils, including rare and precious, tinctures crafted by her, and organic wheat alcohol. Good intentions, gratitude, imagination, and love are ever-present.

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