Sweet Love Adornments

DIY Paint Kits!!! My laser cutter and I have become best friends and can't stop making things! Visit my other pages for handmade wreaths and door hangers with laser cut greetings for all the occasions and spaces that need brightening.
I design, cut, and package DIY paint kits for all ages! --- Megan is a studio arts major from Wisconsin, now living in the Twin Cities with her husband and three spirited boys. She combines digital and traditional media to create home decor and crafts—all while keeping the house from burning down! Initially, Megan focused on minimalistic hoop wreaths unlike anything on the market. Traditional grapevine wreaths followed, with seasonal varieties of each creating repeat customers and rave reviews. Wooden door hangers now add variety to her offerings. And with colors spanning the rainbow, complimentary palettes competing for your attention, and subdued neutral palettes, Megan shows the range of her current medium. Megan introduced wooden craft kits into her portfolio more recently. She designs each by hand and brings them to life as complete products, ready for gifting. Kits come with paint, brushes, glue, instructions, a stained frame, and scores lines on the base to help puzzle-averse shoppers. Geometric barn quilt patterns, animals, landscapes, and even states fit any budget and make for great gifts, STEAM activities, or team-building exercises. Megan's work is always evolving, and she routinely surprises with her next idea. It's because of this that it's no surprise her work is now finding success at boutique brick-and-mortar shops, on the web, in traditional print media, and elsewhere.

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