Revelata Soaps and Sundries

Natural, handmade soaps and bath accessory items made with care and love for you to unveil the strength and beauty of your skin. You take care of everyone else, why not take care of the one thing that stays with you for life, your skin.
What began as a personal mission to naturally improve my body's natural defenses and develop a creative outlet for healing after sexual assault, has blossomed into a small business that strives to help others make the switch from harsh commercial skin products to natural alternatives. It is my hope that my products are able to help you and your loved ones give yourself the love and pampering you deserve. It is my belief that our skin is the body's first line of defense and should be nurtured properly. As the last tissue to receive nutrients from our blood supply, it is our duty to keep it healthy from the outside-in. Each item is handmade in small batches with natural ingredients to ensure quality and proper creation of each product. Never tested on animals and free from chemical preservatives, chosen ingredients are combined to create a relaxing and nourishing skincare experience. All products are carefully packaged so you can see what you're putting on your skin and trust that it is natural. I believe that self-care and unveiling your inner strength and beauty is a full body mission, best aided by the natural elements of the Earth. It is my mission to harness these elements into nurturing products for you and your family. You are worthy of self-love and pampering. Never forget that.

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