Privacy Policy

Last updated April 19, 2021


We will only use the personal information you provide to us in order to send you information about our own services and products and to notify you of current news of Made By Her. 

*Email - If you wish to unsubscribe from our email communications list, you may do so in each email or you may contact us directly.

**Stripe Payment Account - The information you enter into Stripe is all held confidentially within their system. No one from Made By Her can access your information, it's all encrypted so we can only use it to make payouts to our sellers, not obtain any information about them.

***Personal Data - If you visit our site, your personal data may be obtained and  third parties may place cookies on the browser used by the visitor in order to serve targeted advertising and for measurement and analytics purposes. To opt out, you can decline to have personal data collected via third party tracking technologies by navigating to the settings feature in your browser and declining all third party cookies or declining third party cookies from specific sites, or, for mobile, limiting ad tracking or resetting the advertiser identifier via the privacy settings on your mobile device. We will only collect emails for direct marketing purposes; your information will not be sold.

Your information is being used for our own marketing purposes. Our advertising Partner, NextRoll, Inc., performs a hash of your email address in order to serve targeted advertising to other devices connected to you (via cross-device tracking). By using our website, you acknowledge NextRoll, Inc.’s hashing and cross-device activity. For more information, please see NextRoll’s Privacy Notice. 

- California Visitors: For more information, California Residents section of NextRoll’s Service Privacy Notice