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I design and make polymer clay jewelry and accessories. I have a passion for fashion trends and for the outdoors so I take every step to ensure that my business is using sustainable methods to bring eco-conscious, trendy jewelry to you!

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As a child, my parents and teachers often referred to me as a daydreamer. I loved to create from a young age--drawing, painting, and sculpting anything you can imagine. I had a wild imagination and loved to dream. Fast forward fifteen years, and I found myself moving to a tiny island in Northern Michigan called Mackinac. On this beautifully dreamy island, I had the opportunity to work in a shop that showcased and sold local artists’ handmade pieces. By working closely with other creators, I couldn’t help but be inspired. And then one day, on a rainy October afternoon, Placed by Grace Designs was born...from a simple daydream.

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