Lotus of the Nile

Every piece is created with careful precision to balance the aura, and to empower You.
LotN is a woman-mom-ethnic owned jewelry brand, bringing you fusion designs inspired by multi and cross cultural factors, including inspirations drawn from Nature and its seasons. Earth stones & pearls from the Sea are utilized with meditative intentions to manifest the power that exist between the metaphysical and our physical selves. These powerful stones are gifts from Mother Earth, and Lotus of the Nile offers them to you as it's mission to bring chakra/energy balance on our intangible depths of aura that surrounds and resides within us. Shipments are fulfilled 1-3 days after purchase. Shipping times vary between state to state, however, local state orders usually takes 1 day; west coast 3 days, and east coast 5 days. Please allow for variations in time due to our new current of events. Check us out on IG @lotusofthenile or www.lotnjewelry.com for Updates or coupon codes! Blessings, -LotN Jewelry

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