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Lively Naturale is a natural hair & body product brand that creates products to accentuate your curl pattern, smooth out your skin's texture, & enhance your natural beauty. In addition to that our products are light, absorbent & smell amazing too.
Lively Naturale is a natural hair and body product brand formed by myself (Sam) and my younger sister Genna. By making all of our products in-house and utilizing plant-based ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Fenugreek, and so much more. It allows us to find natural ways to remedy any hair or skin issue that one may have. Our products work to accentuate your natural curl pattern and smooth out your skin texture. Furthermore, our company motto is all about focusing on enhancing people's naturale-realness. Naturale-realness to us is about embracing and living in one's natural beauty. Utilizing natural ingredients allow our hair/body oils and hair treatments to be light enough to absorb through the skin and scalp and still leave you with the shine and luster you look for when applying natural products to the hair and body. In addition to that, they smell amazing too.

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