Kennedy Elise

Don’t you love receiving compliments on what you’re wearing? I do, too! That’s why I created Kennedy Elise, a shop providing modern, boho handmade accessories to help you add a little something extra to your wardrobe.
Thanks for shopping! I’m Kelsey, and I create affordable and distinct hand-crafted accessories that are sure to earn you lots of compliments. Everything you see here is personally made by me. You'll find headbands, scrunchies and more, featuring exclusive designs you can wear to elevate your outfit and your mood every day! I established Kennedy Elise once I realized my love of sewing. I’d started learning in the summer of 2013 when one day, my very patient mother accompanied me to shop for my first pattern and some fabric, just for fun. What neither of us realized was that from that day forward, I would be hooked. The name is comprised of the middle names of my parents (my father is Kennedy; my mother is Elise). It’s appropriate, since they’re the ones who always encourage me to do what I love. That constant encouragement and support is what moves me to create quality goods for you to enjoy and share with others. All of the accessories I make are crafted thoughtfully and carefully. It is my hope that you’ll always feel special wearing something from Kennedy Elise.

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