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I have been designing and making jewelry for as long as I remember, and am thrilled to have finally launched my small brand, E.A.M. Designs. I hope you enjoy looking through my pieces, and find something to cherish for years to come!
E.A.M. Handmade is something I’ve wanted to launch for quite some time. I began designing and making jewelry when I was about 13 years old. I began selling as a way to earn extra cash a few years later and discovered the amazing feeling of knowing someone in the world not only liked something I made, but found value in it. I finally took the leap to launched EAM Designs in 2019, shortly after my daughter was born. I try to draw inspiration from anything I can! I try to soak up my surroundings in every way possible, and was lucky enough to have worked in Napa Valley’s infamous wine industry. It was here that not only did I develop a taste for wine, but also learned a great deal about the processes involved in getting wine from the vineyards to your table. These processes inspired my use of wine barrels in my collection, and were the push I needed to get back into design and creation. Hope you enjoy my designs, and let them inspire you to jump whole-heartedly into your next endeavor!

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