Drifting by the Sea Organic Skincare

Located in the quiet seaside community of Satellite Beach, Florida, my energy and inspirations are filled from walks on the beach, an abundance of colorful native plants, and salty-fresh ocean breezes as every product is handmade in small batches.
More than 18 years ago, with baskets of fresh and dried organically-grown herbs from my gardens, nutritive plant oils from the local neighborhood coop, and several journals, I began creating my unique and original skincare formulas. Inspired by my growing knowledge from the art and science of herbalism, many quiet moments listening and being outside in nature, and the serendipity of a small but popular farmer's market, my little business kept growing with new ideas, new products, and filing up my heart in places I have never knew needed to be filled. Each Saturday, I listened with my heart and worked with my hands....creating recipes to heal my client's sensitivities, acne, eczema, and experienced skin. About me.... I am a Licensed Florida Esthetician, Certified Herbalist, and hold a B.A. in Plant & Soil Science. I synergize the healing powers of plants with my love of skincare esthetics, using the art and science of both to create fresh, tropical skin food treatments for my little company. Gentle infusions of wholesome organic and wildcrafted herbs into cold-pressed fruit and vegetable oils, mineral-rich clays, steam-distilled essential oils and nourishing plant butters that are freshly made can be experienced by both the skin and senses. Have you ever applied honey or apple cider vinegar directly to your skin? Can you taste it without putting it in your mouth? This is a sure sign that what we put on our skin enters our entire body. The skin is in fact, our largest organ and should be treated with respect and love. DBTS skincare is environmentally-friendly and many of the ingredients are homegrown and locally sourced. The Florida sunshine is a beautiful place to grow tropical nourishing flowers like vitamin-rich hibiscus and colorful aromatic plumeria. Native plants like saw palmetto, beebalm, cocoplum, beautyberry, fiddlewood, and seagrape are extremely useful in skincare and grow lovingly in the beachside salty air without needing any watering, pesticides, or fertilizers. I can help your skin blossom into the healthiest and most beautiful version of yourself. You won't find unnecessary fillers, fancy long ingredient lists dressed to impress, or anything you cannot pronounce.

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