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I am an abstract artist, working mostly in acrylics, though I also will work in other mediums. I am always pushing myself to experiment with new tools to achieve layers of texture and color to my work. I hope my art adds some joy to your home.

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I am inspired by my surroundings. It could be the vibrant hues in a sunset, or the sunlight reflecting off the water. It is also the soft petals of a rose, the bristled hair on a caterpillar and even the bark of a tree. Everything, everywhere is adorned in a seemingly random array of beautiful colors and texture. I try to capture the feeling of it in my art. I want my paintings to go beyond the visual beauty of color, by capturing the sensation of texture that can only be experienced through touch. My art is an attempt to bring that experience to others, so they can bring it into their home.

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Cape Coral FL United States