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Do you ever find yourself on the side of a country road, unable to tear yourself away from starring at a beautiful sunset? I know I’m not alone in my love for clouds, sunsets and landscapes. I love capturing those moments in paint.
When I’m lost in thought, staring at the sky it can sometimes feel as if nothing else matters. Nothing else matters but me and the majesty above me. Its peaceful. It’s perfect. I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t love to paint. It’s always been my passion, my favorite hobby. At one time it was even my career goal. But life is unpredictable. I had made the decision to choose a different path for awhile, which has been very fulfilling. I am a wife, a mom to three girls and two dogs, and have been a massage therapist for almost a decade. And deep down, I’ve always been an artist. Even if I forgot for awhile. So, if you’re reading this and wondering why now am I coming back around to my love for art? Well, like I said… life is unpredictable. March 2020 would be the beginning a great shift for me. For all of us. I found myself unable to continue doing the job I’ve loved doing. So, here I am. Hoping I can still use my healing hands, not for muscles. But for painting. For creating that peaceful feeling when I’m looking off into the horizon. If I can put that feeling onto a canvas for others to enjoy, nothing could make me happier. I work in mainly acrylics. Using various sizes of canvas, and canvas paper that I then matte ready for a frame. I also have some pieces available in different styles of print.

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