Art by Samara Weaver

Artwork, ceramics, and jewelry by Samara Weaver. All artwork, ceramics and goods are handmade by Samara. Made with love, reflecting her exploration of color, texture, materiality and the natural world.
​I grew up making artwork my whole life. Having an artist for a father can have that effect. In my college years I got both my bachelor's and master's in architecture which further enhanced my artistic abilities and added another layer of reasoning and functionality to my work. Through college I was also able to add other skills to my artistic repertoire, taking oil painting and glass blowing alongside my architecture classes. I use many different mediums, including: paper, watercolor, clay (ceramic), wood, photography, glass, wool (felt), dyes, oil paint, and metal. Using these different mediums allows me to choose the best one for the project I'm working on. If I think there's a better medium or method I haven't tried yet, I'm always up for learning something new!

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