Turquoise hand painted seashells, Beach nautical coastal ocean decor, Set of 3

Beautifully decorated seashells (one large clam and 2 smaller oysters) in turquoise, gold, silver and pearl. Their underside is painted in silver. Set of 3. Decorate your beach house, office or bathroom with my pretty hand painted seashells. They are perfect little trinket dishes. I collect these uninhabited shells at my local beaches in beautiful coastal Connecticut. After soaking, sanitizing, scrubbing and sanding, I meticulously paint each one with a distinctive motif so not two are the same. I like to use different types of paint (metallic, shimmery, glittery, textured) for an overall interesting and appealing design. For a durable finish, two coats of varnish are applied. These shells measure: Large clam: 4.5" (12cms) x 2.5" (6.5cms). Smaller oyster shells: 2.5" (6cms) x 2" (5cms) They're intended to be displayed indoors only.