Terrazzo Coasters | Timeless Series | Concrete with Mixed Marble #1 - Set of 4

Set of 4 handmade white concrete coasters with bold exposed marble varieties: China White, Persian Cream and Alpine Red. Each coaster is gently polished to expose aggregates on the top surface, sealed with high quality sealer and finally waxed with Clark's Stone & Concrete Wax, protecting and adding a soft satin sheen. A clear flexible bumper attached to the bottom protects your furniture while not being noticed. As a material, concrete is inherently imperfect and there may be very small surface voids, which we do our best to eliminate but may be present. DIMENSIONS: Each 4 in. diameter x approximately 3/8 inch. CARE: Item may be cleaned by wiping with a clean, lightly damp cloth. A wax (e.g., containing beeswax) such as Clark's Stone & Concrete Wax or other similar product should be reapplied occasionally to help protect the sealant effectiveness. For instance, if you use the item regularly, apply new wax every 3 months and buff after drying for a new satin shine - it only takes moments and will help preserve your purchase for years to come.