Black and Shimmery Blue Tea light Candleholder

Hand cast cement tealight candleholder that is painted in a black acrylic base coat, which is then painted with a shimmery blue metallic accent color on the base coat. The dotted mandala is uniquely painted in black with the same shimmery metallic blue on top tying it all together in this stunning candleholder. The painted design is sealed in an epoxy resin coat to protect from scratching. The bottom of the candleholder has plastic feet so as not to scratch where it’s placed. This candleholder is a one of a kind piece meant for decoration and light wear. High quality acrylics, resin and cement are used. It is handmade, so it may have small imperfections in the casting, painting, or resin coating process. Item is not meant for outdoor use or use with water. Please handle with care as the paint can be delicate and it may break if dropped.