Essential Oil Burner- Porcelain

This handmade porcelain essential oil burner was created for your home and sacred space. Fill the top cavern with you water and your favorite essential oil and allow yourself to take in the sweet aroma. This tool heals bring you back into your body and to enjoy the blissful pleasures in life. May this bless your home and assist you in connecting with your higher self through design and your senses. All of Pure Ritual's ceramic items are created from hand, even starting with the clay! I start by mixing dry kaolin and ball clays, feldspar and silica (and occassionally oxide or mason stains for color). These elemetns are mixed in a clay slip by adding water and a deflocculant. All products are either hand-sculpted or casted in a mold made by me. The minerals used to make the clay hold metaphysical and healing properties.