Sleepy Fairy Crystal Infused Linen Spray

When the sun has gone down and the moon has come up, but your active little pixies won't go to sleep?  It's time to summon the Goodnight Fairies to spread some sleepy time fairy dust!   Lightly spritz your kiddo's pillows & blankets with our 'Sleepy Fairy Spray' to gently soothe & relax your wee ones into a slumber while the Fairies are beckoned to ensure the sweetest of dreams... We all know that Fairies cherish their sparkling treasures - so we've added some shimmering rose gold pixie dust and magickal strawberry rose quartz & howlite crystals.  Strawberry quartz promotes universal love & healing while howlite helps support insomnia & disordered sleeping patterns. What a pixie perfect combo to lull your little one to sleep! Ingredients: distilled water, crystals, therapeutic grade essential oils (lavender, frankincense, vanilla, vetiver, lime & cedarwood), cosmetic rose gold mica powder, magick & love!  Shake gently before each use as the ingredients tend to settle. *IMPORTANT* Parental Safety Precaution & Disclaimer! Our spray is for external use only - avoid eyes & mucous membranes.  This spray contains SMALL parts (gemstones) and is not meant for children under the age of 4.