'Monster Away' Kiddo Sleepy Aromatherapy Spray

Monsters BEWARE! My little 'wizard in the making' Charlie (age 8) helped me develop a very special 'Monster Away' Spray to banish the beasties before bedtime. A few quick spritzes on your kiddo’s pillow, blankets, under the bed... and of course in the closet will scare away the creepers and send your small one safely off to Dreamland! Our ‘Monster Away’ spray also contains magickal gemstone crystals to enhance it's 'protective powers'. Tiger Eye promotes bravery while Hematite bolsters courage & provides auric protection and grounding. All the support our wee ones need to fight the good fight against those things that go bump in the night... Ingredients: distilled water, therapeutic grade essential oils (lavender, frankincense, vanilla, vetiver, lime & cedarwood), cosmetic purple mica powder, crystals, magick & love! Shake gently before each use as the ingredients tend to settle. 2oz Glass Spray Bottle *IMPORTANT* Parental Safety Precaution & Disclaimer! Our spray is for external use only - avoid eyes & mucous membranes. This spray contains SMALL parts (gemstones) and is not meant for children under the age of 4.